An Engine's Life

| September/October 2000

1435 Starline Avenue, Osceola, Iowa 50213

It was a normal day in 1922 when they made me and painted me bright green and yellow like a John Deere tractor. I was a Waterloo Boy engine.

My makers stuffed me into the wooden crate and put me on the train. It was a bumpy ride. After I got to Lacelle, Iowa, a farmer came and got me. He put me on the floor of the wagon. It seemed like the horses hit all the rough spots. It seemed like it took forever to get where we were going.

The man said, 'We're finally home in Lacelle.'

Right away he put me to the test. They used me to operate a pumpjack. Pumping water was easy.

The next day the farmer used me for corn grinding and it was hard, but fun. I've never been used that way before. He used me for a buzz saw to cut wood.