| May/June 1969

  • Gasoline Engine
    Courtesy of Wm. H. Ellis, Route 2, Kevil, Kentucky 42053
    Wm. H. Ellis
  • Bob Woodfall
    Courtesy of John M. Hamilton, 2015 Arthur, Charleston, Illinois 61920
    John M. Hamilton

  • Gasoline Engine
  • Bob Woodfall

2015 Arthur Charleston, Illinois 61920

Here are two pictures of my latest addition to my collection of gas engines. My prize is a fruit spraying rig made by Hayes Pump Co. at Galena, Illinois. The outfit has a double axle for quick turning around trees, a Fairbanks Z 3 Hp. engine for power, a twin cylinder pump for pressure, and a one hundred gallon tank for water. Looking through a 1920 Haye's catalog, I found the outfit cost $750. I was surprised to find how many outfits one could order. There were stationary sprayers, hand sprayers, portable sprayers, and wagon sprayers. The power for the sprayers ranged from hand power to Cushman double cylinder 4 hp. engine.

The day I went to get the outfit was quite a day. Early in the morning I went back the abandon road to pull it out of the barn. My 62 Dodge Lancer just barely had enough power to pull the wagon out of the barn. Later I came back with my father-in-law, Bob Wood-fall, to load it up. Going down the hill I ran off into the ditch. After getting out an hour later, my car barely pulled the tamdem trailer up the other side. Because of the narrowness of the path and because the wagon turning axle was frozen, we loaded the wagon at a forty-five degree angle. Well to make the story short, my little Dodge didn't make it. The trailer hitch pulled off at the bottom of the hill. We went back to town and got Bob's truck. We finally made it home by 4 P.M. My wife met me with a loving heart and said, 'One more day shot in the interest of junk.' Surely your wife would understand? I must admit that old wagon does look nice sitting next to our new house.

This is Bob Woodfall, Box 423, Charleston, Illinois checking the trailer hitch. At the right is the old barn the rig was kept in since 1937. The spray wagon is owned by John.

This little gasoline engine is an International 'Titan' Jr., 1 Hp. It was bought new about 1916 and was used for pumping water on a Kentucky farm for many years. It has been restored to like new condition and painted fire engine red as it was originally. From the collection of Wm. H. Ellis.


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