American Buyers Cause Fierce Bidding at English Sale

| July/August 1985

Nearly four hundred lots of vintage agricultural tractors, stationary engines and farm bygones went under the Auctioneer's hammer at a recent sale held at the Hunday Museum, Northumberland.

A strong contingent of buyers from throughout the United Kingdom competed strongly with buyers from America to produce some very satisfactory prices, in spite of the fact that many of the engines and tractors were in need of major restoration.

In the Stationary Engine Section, a top price of 1200 was paid for a Crossley Model 'M' 4 HP open crank gas engine made in 1902. A Blackstone 9 HP open crank oil engine fetched 1000. Other principal prices included Blackstone open crank 5 HP oil engine 850, Tangye oil engine 750, Allan Bros. 20 HP oil engine dated 1915 600, Ruston &. Hornsby Model A.P. open crank 6 HP petrol engine 560, Amanco 6 HP petrol/paraffin engine 320, and Fuller & Johnson petrol engine 280.

A selection of over 60 vintage tractors created much interest amongst collectors and museums, with the strongest bidding reserved for the pre-1930 machines. A Case 18/32 cross engine tractor made 2500, Minneapolis 17/30 cross engine tractor 2200 and Rumely oil pull 20-30 2000. Of the later models a Twin city KTA tractor made 1500, Case Model LA tractors (both fully restored) fetching 1500 and 1200. An International 'Junior' in unrestored but original condition made 1700. Lanz 'Bulldog' tractor circa 1935 went for 1300. One of the rarest machines on offer was a Wyles motor plough (tractor unit only), built circa 1917 but requiring extensive restoration, which was knocked down at 900.