| May/June 2000

  • Deutz engines

  • Deutz engines

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After my GEM query in February 1999, I received a letter from Mr. Dick Mason, 33 Baldock Drive, King's Lynn, Norfolk, England PE30 3DQ, which read:

'Cris, I saw your inquiry about Deutz engines in GEM, which I get by mail but later than you because of mailing lag.

'Deutz are not common in UK, but there are a lot in continental Europe which I visit for shows most years. A good contact for information would be my friend Walter Van Gulik (Trompweg 1, 7441 H.M. Nigverdal, The Netherlands), who organizes shows and writes books on stationary engines and I'm sure he would help in your project if you are still looking. Walter speaks and writes good English so no need for a translator when you write.'

I penned out a letter to Mr. Van Gulik with my need for help, some photos, and enclosed a 10 dollar bill. Off the letter went.

I soon received a reply, although it was somewhat heartbreaking to know that what I had wasn't what I thought. It read: