A 'Short' Story

| January/February 1992

1264 N .Harrisville Road, Ogden, Utah 84404

Once upon a time I was visiting my Uncle Rollie McNally near Lomon, Missouri. Naturally, the conversation eventually turned to old gas engines.

Uncle Rollie said, 'I know where a small one is, but I haven't seen it for probably fifty years.' I asked if he was sure it was still there and if he could find it again. He answered 'yes' to both questions.

He said some people in Chicago, years ago, had inherited the property it was on, and they never came to look it over or care for it. Needless to say we were soon in my four-wheel drive headed for a look.

We soon left the gravel road and drove along brush and horse weed covered trails. We crossed a small creek and up a small hill to a fair size stand of timber where we left the pickup and proceeded on foot.

When we got to the top of the hill Uncle Rollie said, 'Look close now, that engine is right about here.' We searched and searched, around and around, under the trees, in the sparse brush, it was the same old story, no engine.