A Short Story

| February/March 1989

6775 E. First St., Huntsville, Utah 84317

I have not collected or restored old gas engines yet. However, I did help my father with some engine projects last summer. We spent most of one day delivering a 12 HP Famous Dad had found in the brush and weeds near my parents' home. Another day was spent exploring an old silver mining town in the mountains about 30 miles northeast of Huntsville, Utah. We discovered an 8 HP Weber side-shaft. July 16th and 17th we spent at the Ogden Car and Engine Show.

Some years ago I purchased some property that I had not fully explored, until lately. I found myself looking over this steep rocky brush that covered part of my land. I parted the brush and weeds into a small ravine and there was a pair of flywheels. On inspection I found a twin cylinder air cooled engine. I thought it to be probably 5 or 6 HP, but thinking about 2 cylinders I decided it must be twice that. I noticed the exhaust systems ported at the rear of each cylinder like Carl Nelson's Gade. Looking for a nameplate I found the name 'Ruker' embossed on the rear of the crankcase.

Moving down the ravine through the thick brush I discovered an old town. There were old cars and horse drawn carriages and wagons! I stood in amazement, people began to emerge dressed in old fashioned clothes. They started moving toward me in a seemingly hostile manner. I ran, stumbled and crawled back up through the brush. I slipped and fell over the edge of a cliff but managed to grasp the very top to break my fall. I awoke to find myself hanging to the edge of my bed!

Question: Is this a symptom of the dread disease, Engine Fever???

I will pay your price for any kind of Ruker engine.