A Rare Find

| May/June 1992

27 Turkey Hill Road, Elysburg, Pennsylvania 17824

A friend of mine likes to collect old things and finds joy in making old engines and trucks run again, and like me, spends time in his favorite junk yard. 

One day, while looking, he came across an old crane. He had seen it before, but never really looked it over until then. He found that the engine was still in it, but stuck. So with the engine still in the crane, he took the plugs out and put oil in each cylinder, and every week he would try turning it. Finally one day she broke free, so he bought it.

This engine is a Waukesha, the brass tag reads: March 1931, governed speed 950 rpms, bore 6? x stroke 7'. The engine is very heavy-over two tons- and after getting it home, taking the heads off, cleaning it up, putting it back together, painting it and mounting it on a nice cart, it looks and runs great.