A Profile of the F. E. Myers Company

F.E. Myers dominated the water pump business with hand pump designs and the first automatic electric pump

| October/November 1993

In 1870, the United States was emerging from Civil War and was on the brink of a sweeping industrial revolution.

At that time in Ashland, Ohio, Francis E. Myers left his father's farm to begin selling tools and hardware to the local farm trade. In the basement of a rented building on Ashland's cobble stoned Main Street, Francis and younger brother Philip A. started what was then called "The F. E. Myers & Bro. Company."

One of the early product successes at Myers was the double-acting hand pump that Philip developed. This new water pump delivered water in a steady stream rather than in short spurts like other hand pumps available at that time. With the advent of this popular water pump, F. E. and P. A. suddenly had more orders than they could handle. Two other Myers brothers, Alvah N. and G. Denton, then joined the company and erected their own building to manufacture pumps. By 1884, the original structure was replaced with an extensive factory that covered several city blocks.

Philip's mechanical genius kept the Myers brothers a step ahead in the water pump business, while Francis contributed the financial/management and sales expertise, and the company prospered. P. A. Myers actually held 125 patents on various pump designs as well as such diverse products as porch swings, bicycle stands, hay tools, store ladders, door hangers, etc. All of these products, at one time or another, were manufactured and sold by Myers.

Over the years Myers has designed, developed and manufactured many types of pumps. These include windmill pumps, bilge pumps, de-watering pumps, fire pumps, industrial pumps, power sprayer pumps, etc.

In early 1900, Myers began to design and build fully automatic electric pumps. One of these early models was discovered in Ashland County in 1967 – still operating at the time!