| September/October 1969

  • Gas Engine
    Courtesy of Ruben Michelson, Anamoose, North Dakota 58710
    Ruben Michelson

  • Gas Engine

Lynnville, Indiana 47619

After reading things written by other men and enjoying them, I thought that someone may enjoy a few things I have done. First, I will list some of the tractors that I have owned.

The first one was a IHC 8-16, sloping hood, four cylinder Dixie Mag. with impulse, chain drive and it ran on kerosene. I could sometimes have one half a days work done while some of my neighbors were getting their Fordsons started. We used this tractor on the farm, pulled road grader and corn shredder and we never had any trouble starting it. We bought this tractor new.

Then I bought a used Avery 18-36 to pull a grader. We rebuilt it, but it never had the power that it should have had for a tractor its size.

Got a new 15-30 spade lug McDeering and did a lot of corn shredding with it. Sometimes it was so cold, it could hardly turn the engine over, but it would always start. Later I got another used one and it was on rubber. We put a loader on it and dug some basements with it.

Then I had a 49 Ford, used it three years and traded it for a 52 Ford which I still have. I also have a M-IHC. That is my farm tractors and as I am 71 years old 1 will not need a tractor much longer.