A Cat Half a Century Old

| February/March 1986

While at the Kansas-Oklahoma Show at Winfield, we met Delbert Johnson, of Caldwell, who told us about a family RD-6 Caterpillar and later sent us a tape and pictures with more information. Delbert is a big booster for Caldwell, and sent us some old newspapers so we could read more about it.

He told us via tape that the RD-6 Cat 'was in the family of a lot of unmarried aunts and uncles, and as the time came, everything was left to their mother, and she was 96 when she passed away.

'She had these two boys, and they loved to play at making steam engines and things. They got their mother to buy this RD-6 Caterpillar in the Thirties, the early Thirties, and it stayed in their shop. They never used it... As near as I can remember, this tractor stayed in the machine shop, that they built specially for it, for 32 years.

'As time went by, they passed away and I bought this tractor, as near as I can remember, in 1964. Up until that time, this tractor never did a day's work. We had a kind of cowboy driver, and it hadn't put in a hundred days of work in all its life put together. We pushed a few of the catalpa trees in the sand on the Shegaskee River and that's all it's done. The tractor has never been painted or anything, has no wear on it doesn't show any wear, period.

'Then we have another Caterpillar that has been worked, 1928, and its number is PS 4417. And the RD-6 number is 292618.'

Delbert also has an old M & M tractor, 1936, a KT-88; a 1942 truck; a 1946 truck; a Massey Ferguson 1946 tractor, and an IHC sand-` tractor, 1930. Because of age and health, he and his brother are seeking to dispose of them.