1993 National EDGE & TA Minutes

By Staff

43138 Road 52 Reedley, California 93654

The 1993 National meeting was held July 12, hosted by Branch 13
at Grass Valley, California. What follows is a continuation of the
minutes of that meeting.


The old issue of multiple memberships was again brought to the
foreground asking why pay several National dues. Discussion
followed. President Versteeg announced that being a primary member
in one branch gives that member full privileges and benefits in
showing at all branches and that there is no need of multiple
membership except in receiving the benefits of belonging to several
branches. To divide memberships between primary and secondary
membership would become a burden-some job for the branch
secretaries. This clarification by the president was well received
by the membership. Branch secretaries will be polled during the
coming year to get their feelings on this subject.


Bob Alexander, president of Branch 27 called for the floor and
asked for no voting be done at National meetings, but discussion of
issue only and all voting be done by mailing ballots to the
branches with results being mailed back to the National office.
President Versteeg announced that branches do not return ballots,
or many other requests that are sent out by the National with only
a limited percentage of ballots being returned. It was agreed that
this issue be tabled for the time being and could be brought up
again at the 1994 meeting.

Evelyn Williams of Branch 13 asked for the floor and commented
that the National president had not responded favorably to one of
her requests and she felt disrespected. President Versteeg openly
issued here his apology and was sorry that this event had taken

The issue of establishing Regional meets was brought to the
foreground as an extension of an issue discussed at the 1992
meeting and which had been tabled at that time. It was clearly
announced by president Versteeg that the pro-posed regional
meetings would be an addition to the regular meeting. During the
course of the past year, four proposals had been sent to the
National to be presented at this meeting. President Versteeg
briefly presented proposals 1, 2, and 4 and asked Gus Peter-son,
Western Director to take the floor and present proposal 3 which was
quite lengthy. Gus Peterson made his presentation in full detail
stating the advantages and disadvantages. The general consensus was
expressed by the membership and asked that we table the matter for
further study by the branches and that the issue could again be
presented at the 1994 meeting. A motion was made to that effect,
seconded and carried.

The liability insurance coverage was again brought to the
foreground with several questions. President Versteeg explained the
coverage for those branches which were insured by the National
endorsement and again mentioned that the branches were free to
enroll for insurance coverage wherever they choose. However, the
National felt that their endorsement was by far the cheapest and
best for the premiums required.

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