| March/April 1974

Box S46, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Pioneer Acres Plowmen and Threshermen's Club, Langdon Alberta held their annual show August 11 and 12, 1973. A large crowd was in attendance on both days. Featured at the show were two Case Steamers, 2 30-60 Rumleys, 1 25-45 Rumely, 1 30-60 Aultman Taylor, 1 25 horse I.H.C. single cylinder tractor, 122-44 M. N. plus twenty other gas tractors.

Three separators were kept busy threshing bundles which were cut and stacked from previous years. A Baker fan was also in constant use. A large number of stationary engines were popping away, featuring a Fairbanks-Morse pumping engine connected to a water trough.

A number of antique cars and trucks were also on display. One of the outstanding units was an I.H.C. 1-1/2 ton truck. This truck was used by I.H.C. in Calgary before it was purchased by Walter Bushfield of Calgary. He completely restored it to its original condition.

Plans are under way for a bigger and better show in 1974.

Above pictures were taken on the L. P. Schooling farm at Hussar, Alberta, Canada. Hussar is 60 miles East of Calgary. The pictures are of the same Rumely 30-60 which is still intact. The picture of the Rumely plowing was taken in 1932 - the last year it ran. The operator is Arin Ornburn.