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AC Roto-Baler in Action

by Beth Beavers

See how the Allis-Chalmers Model 10 Roto-Baler works

Waconia Ride-In Vintage Snowmobile Show

by Christian Williams

The Waconia Ride-In is the single largest and most comprehensive vintage snowmobile show, ride and swap in the world.

Design Your Own Magnet Charger

By Peter Rooke

Peter Rooke explains the fundamentals of magnetism and describes how to make your own magnet charger - Part 1 of 2

Resurrection of an 1890s Core Drilling Machine

By Jeff Hyatt

One man and many friends bring a piece of history back to life


Power Transmission by Belt: Part II

By George B. Loughery

ets assume we want to run a 10 kilowatt, 1,800 RPM DC generator with our antique 30 HP tractor. We are told we'll need about 17 HP to power the generator at the full 10-kilowatt output. The tractor's belt pulley capability will undoubtedly be sufficient since this rating is always less than the engine's rating by just a few horsepower. This is because of the slight amount of loss attributable to gears and bearings. The rated speed of the belt pulley is 1,000 RPM. The pulley is 10 inches in diameter and 7 inches wide.

Power Transmission by Belt: Part I

By George B. Loughery

At one time, perhaps up through the 1940s, it was very common for an industrial complex to have one large power unit to power the whole operation by means of one or more long lineshafts.

Recreating Up-and-Down Sawmill History

By Dick Holcombe

A Pennsylvania man makes his own portable sawmill and recreates up-and-down sawmill history.

Fairbanks-Morse-powered Myers pump

By Kirk Unzelman and Mike Intlekofer

Fairbanks-Morse-powered Myers pump makes double trouble for a pair of restorers.