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Know Anything About This Sanford Friction Thresher?

by Farm Collector

The Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum has acquired a Sanford friction thresher and they need more information.

Seen a Diamond Mower Knife Grinder?

by Farm Collector

The Barre Historical Society in Barre, Mass., is seeking a Diamond mower knife grinder.

Looking for Leads on Carter Disc Separator

by Farm Collector

Looking for information about operation of a Carter disc separator

Increase Your Ag IQ with the Heartland Acres Agribition Center

Press Release

Heartland Acres Agribiton Center launches Increase Your Ag IQ to help increase awareness of our agricultural heritage.


Mecum reaching $60 Million in Kissaimmee

Press Release

Over 2,100 Vehicles Offered, Largest Auction in Company History  

DR Power Equipment Announces a Coring Lawn Aerator

Press Release

The DR Lawn Aerator, which features the coring technology used by professionals, is manufactured in the United States by DR Power Equipment in its Winooski, Vermont facility and is available for sale directly from DR Power Equipment.

Hot Air Fans in Motion

By Beth Beavers

Cheap, efficient and safe, Robert Stirling's hot air engine was used in various ways, but none was more intriguing than powering hot air fans. The fans run quietly and work just about anywhere.

Ladd, Ill., Mystery Seed Corn Planter Box

by Farm Collector

Looking for leads on a seed corn planter box manufactured by the Ladd Co in Ladd, Ill.