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MaxTorque Diesel From Grasshopper Mowers

Press Release

According to Ray Garvey, marketing coordinator at Grasshopper, clean diesel is the right choice for professionals looking to reduce costs, increase revenues and minimize environmental impacts.  

Vintage Hay Presses At Work

By Farm Collector

See vintage hay presses, including a McCormick-Deering and International Harvester, stretch their legs.

Snow-Motors Inc. Conversion

by Jeannine Snyder

In the mid-1920s, a curious conversion kit became available that enabled tractors and automobiles to travel with ease across snow and ice.

Trench Pump Can Really Move Water

By Kirk Unzelman and Mike Intlekofer

Restored CMC trench pump, powered by a Wisconsin ABN, earns its keep


Immortal Hercules Drag Saw

By Luke Kissell

Restoration of 1921 Hercules drag saw proves it is no mere mortal

Stover Company Dinner Bell

By Joe Maurer

The Stover Company made more than just Stover Engines, like this Stover Dinner Bell

DR Power Introduces the Versa-Trailer

Press Release

DR Power Equipment introduces its new DR Versa-Trailer utility trailer by challenging consumers to test the new product’s “metal” with a unique trial offer.

Jordan Meeker's Antique Rock Drills

By Farm Collector

Jordan Meeker has salvaged and restored items of all sorts from abandoned mining camps. Here, he shows off some antique rock drills.