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The hot air powered fans based on a Sterling engine.

The 'As Is' Engine

Andrew K. Mackey

The engine ID plate, made of brass, was off the engine.

Home-Built Duryea Celebrates 100 Years Of Automobile

George Rockenberger Jr.

The 1895 Duryea car is most interesting because of its historical prominence.


C. H. Wendel

A Brief Word


RESTORATION OF A Wade One Man Drag Saw

Lowell P. Braxton

A small single flywheel engine powering, via a chain drive and a bull wheel.

The Drag Saw

Jane Braxton Little

Rods and cogs rusted into rest under a cedar tree.

STORY OF AN Unfinished Caterpillar Model 11

Ken Johnson

Caterpillar Model 11, Auto Patrol built in September 1935.


C. H. Wendel

A Brief Word.