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Smaller Babbit Pour Spout Sizes?

 Ray Fisher

A reader asks whether anyone has seen a smaller version of a babbit pour spout he owns.

Response to Thread Standards Concerns

By Andrew K. Mackey

Contributor Andrew Mackey replies to a letter about thread standards with his own inconsistency problems

Making New Valve Springs

By Leon Ridenour

A reader shares the valve springs he found and reformed for his 4-cylinder engine.

Is this a Trencher?

By Scott Davidson

A reader wants to know what the piece of equipment he found in the woods behind his house is.


Thread Standards Concerns

By John Burgoyne

A reader shares his thoughts on problems with thread and fastener standards.

Vintage Gas Engine Oilers

By Andrew K. Mackey

A study in three types of vintage engine oilers and how they work.

Herrs Machine Hydrostatics

Press release

Herrs Machine Hydrostatics will repair, rebuild or re-manufacture most brands of hydrostatic transmission pumps, motors and components.

Help Identify This Ice Cutting Machine

By David Kolzow

A reader sends in a photo of an ice cutting machine, of which not much is known.