| January/February 1985

  • TV tubes

  • TV tubes

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Entirely by accident I hit upon a very simple (if you have the tester) method of rejuvenating weak high tension (voltage) magneto output. I have a voltage continuity tester.

About 50 years ago a radio friend drew a diagram and suggested used radio parts for a condenser (now called capacitor) and continuity tester for automotive use. I have used it all these years and it is powerful enough to trace out a path of shorted contacts in the underside of a distributor cap!

It is not impossible to get the parts today but will take some scrounging as they have been outdated by solid state (transistor/diode stuff)- Here it is, with diagram.

I used one half of a 750 volt radio power transformer (that was the common type in use then), the reason being that a full 750 volts might melt out a condenser and half voltage will do the job fine-about 350 volts or so. Next comes a # 80 power tube (Radio Shack can supply the oldies). Next a 1 Micro-Farad Condenser which I am told is no longer available so use a good capacitor from a small electric motor-the run up to 200-300 MFD'S. Since you will need a ham radio friend on this he will explain all about these things-I don't know that much.

Next is a NEON 110 volt test light-they screw into a regular 110 volt socket. Use about a 50,000 ohm resistor with it. A base for your # 80 tube, 1 toggle switch, some phone jacks and test prods, another toggle switch for your neon light and that's it. I added a pilot light for fun but not essential.