| November/December 1971

  • F.M. Kerosene 4 HP
    Courtesy of Lyle Knerr, Chappell, Nebraska 69129.
    Lyle Knerr
  • Rod and piece of log chain
    Courtesy of A. M. G. Thomas, R. 1, Meriden, Kansas 66512.
    A. M. G. Thomas
  • Log splitter
    Courtesy of Merl Barnes, 9615 Fairview, Boise, Idaho 83702.
    Merl Barnes

  • F.M. Kerosene 4 HP
  • Rod and piece of log chain
  • Log splitter

1, Box 96, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627.

Referring to the hollow wedge Mr. Cline is asking about--I saw one of these in use in 1931 or 32. It was a bought wedge and used black powder. It belonged to two brothers in West Point, Iowa.

It was a round hollow tube affair about 14' or 16' long and 2' or 2?' wide. It had a wedge about 5' long on one end. This wedge had a hole about I' through the center and another hole led from this hole to the powder chamber in the round tube. It also had a small hole in the side of the powder tube for the fuse.

1910 F.M. Kerosene 4 HP. at Bird City, Kansas in 1970. Runs at 60 rpm. between firings. 

In the September-October magazine a question is asked about a log splitter. I am enclosing a sketch of one that I made that uses black powder. I made it for a customer and he did not pick it up. I have not used it. It is advisable to weld a piece of log chain to the top end.

I need information about a garden tractor engine and gear box that I have. The engine is air-cooled, uses a timer and coil for ignition. It has a suction intake valve and an L head type exhaust. The crank for starting is on the cam shaft. The engine crankcase and drive gears case is all one casting. The following wording is on the nameplate. Standard Walsch Garden Tractor No. 36M29 Standard Engine Co., Minneapolis, Minn.