Vintage Lawn-Boy Mowers

Oklahoma man boasts impressive collection of vintage Lawn-Boy mowers

| April/May 1992

Nicholson's restored 1958 Lawn-Boy Model 5200

Nicholson's restored 1958 Lawn-Boy Model 5200, 18 inch cut.

Some men collect cars. Some collect electric trains. But for David Nicholson of Enid, Oklahoma, nothing beats the romance of a vintage Lawn-Boy lawn mower. 

Although he's only been a serious collector since last year, Nicholson has owned at least one or two Lawn-Boy mowers ever since he was in the fourth grade.

"There never was any other mower for me," Nicholson says.

He is continually acquiring and trading. Nicholson's oldest Lawn-Boy mower is a 1953-54 model. He also owns at least two 1955s – "for the year I was born."

Three of Nicholson's Lawn-Boy mowers are in show condition. One of the 1955s was still in good condition, right down to the original factory paint and original wheels. It showed little wear, and the original owner's manual was with it. The other two mowers, a 1957 and a 1958, he's restored to like-new mowing condition.

He's nearly finished restoring a third one, a 1963 model, and he's started working on a fourth, a 1962 model, as well as a fifth. He intends to use the latter, the other 1955, for mowing his own lawn. It will replace the brand new Lawn-Boy he bought last year and later gave to his father.

7/29/2016 9:43:55 PM

i have a nice looking lawn boy carburetor. its aluminum and has a plastic float bowl. Any interest? (The price would be the cost to ship it to you.)

zina bachert
7/30/2012 3:01:53 AM

Cleaning out by dad's garage, came across some old lawnmowers - Lawn Boy model 6100 Automower 1957 Millionth year (frame only good shape), Eclipse and Excello. Any interest

roger paxton
6/13/2012 3:05:42 PM

My neighbor, growing up, had one like your '58 model that had a three prong plug that stuck out the top where she would plug in the extension cord (briefly) to activate the electric starter... for a five year old that was magic in the making.