| January/February 1987

26 Mott Place, Rockaway Boro, NJ 07866

These are pictures of a unique water cooled Maytag Twin. Using a 1942 Maytag Twin basket case engine donated by Walter Borkstrom, I fabricated the cooling system out of copper plumbers' fittings. The system is of the thermosyphon type and the reservoir is good for about 3 hours steady running before a refill is necessary. The reservoir is 3' in diameter by 11' long, cylinder jackets are 3', 'pressure sweat caps' anchored in place by a liberal amount of JB weld and the spark plug. Connections to the reservoir are ?' tubing (copper). End caps on the reservoir are 3' 'test caps', flywheel diameter 8' (old valve handles machined to fit the crank shaft), points by Wico and ignition by Kohler-2 spark coil. The governor is still operable, and the speed can also be set by changing the timing (note brass lever with the black ball on top). The speed range is 150 to 2500 rpm. The muffler is original Maytag equipment, used on the May tag generator.

This project took about 20 hours time to complete. Does anybody else have one?

A 'How to build' article may follow at a later date, as a second engine is now in the process of being built.