| September/October 1966

  • Webster Tri-Polar Osillator Type
    Uppet Left Webster Magneto Type L-25 Exploded View Webster Tri-Polar Osillator Type K-62.

  • Webster Tri-Polar Osillator Type

Star Rte. 2, Gunnison, Colorado 81230.

Well, it is time to get out my old Oliver 'Standard Visible Writer' No. 5 and try to do a bit more troubleshooting. After all, what would a new fangled typewriter know about these good old-time engines?

I was sorry to learn of Anna Mae Branyan's illness and hope she soon is fully recovered.

I want to thank all of you that have sent articles and pictures to GEM and congratulate Elmer and his staff for the fine job of putting it all together into a fine magazine. I wait for each issue like a kid waiting for a new toy. As Charlie Weaver says, 'These are my People.'

Several of you replied to last issue's question of where the low tension coils could be obtained. In the same issue, Irvin G. Hoffman, R. D. 1, Box 31, Manheim, Pa. 17545, advertised them for sale. George F. Kempher, 110 Seventh St., Emporium, Pa. 15834, writes that he is again making coils at $8.00 each, plus postage. Shipping weight 4 lbs. Thanks to J. Rex Haver, of Lock Haven, Pa, and Meridith Brison, Rte. 1, Millersport, Ohio, for information on Mr. Kempher.

Meridith Brison also sends the information that Wilson Supply Co., 2441 Woodhill Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44104, has factory made coils, part #217, at $16.45 F. O. B. The Wilson Co. is distributor for Acadia Gas Engine Ltd. of Nova Scotia, Canada. To my knowledge, Acadia is probably the only producer of this type engine still in existence.