| January/February 1995

P.O. Box 245 Elnora, Indiana 47529

This is a picture of a forerunner of today's ratchet. It was manufactured by Snap-on Tools Company in the early 1920s. The company was then Snap-on Wrench Company. They sent me a catalog reprint of 1923, which has 12 flyer sheets, as they didn't come out with a regular catalog until later.

In the letter from them they told me, 'This adapter is one of only a very few unusual or collectible mechanic's tools. Approximately ten thousand were manufactured in the early 1920s, and this was the first patent issued to Snap-on.'

I have had this ratchet at antique shows in southern Indiana and there aren't very many old timers who remember seeing one of them.

This is a picture of a wheel rim puller that was used to change tires on wheels that didn't have drop center rims, used up until the early 1920s.

I belong to the White River Valley Antique Association at Elnora, Indiana, and we have a great show each year in September.