The Strange Case of the YELLOW DOG

No gas or oil! Heaven forbid!

| September/October 1985

  • Yellow Dog
    Yellow Dog measurements are: 13 inches from spout to spout,7 inches tall without handle, weight approximately 14 pounds.

  • Yellow Dog

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Have you ever thought of how things would be if there had never been any gas or oil?

Of course no one could possibly know what that would mean to our current lifestyle, but have you ever thought about it? If you're like most of us probably not. Most people take things like that for granted. But if that were true there would certainly be an altogether different set of circumstances surrounding our lives.

Instead of natural gas heat, most of us would be using, perhaps wood or electricity, or something else not ever dreamed of, for that, and what about our automobiles? What about our old gas engines and tractors? What a whole new ball game that would be.

Without doubt there would be alternate sources of fuel, you can count on that. After all, a young Henry Ford envisioned automobiles as running on hydrogen, and in fact invested much time and money in experiments with this particular fuel. The biggest obstacle he encountered was with the storage of hydrogen in the automobile. Such storage required a container able to withstand tremendous pressure safely, but with much less weight than containers of the day. If he had had the technology that we have available in this day and age, at his disposal, there is no doubt that liquid hydrogen would have played a very important part in the fueling of our auto engines. Since hydrogen is so abundant it may well turn out to be a 'fuel of the future'.

Of course there are other fuels that could have been used such as alcohol and even coal, if indeed there was coal available.