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| March/April 1997

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Since last month's column was written, eight more Sparta Economy engine owners have made theirs known. Included are 1 HP model CX #33,481, 1 HP model CX model CX #38,159, 2 HP model CA#13139, 2HP model CA #34,221, 4 HP model C no tag, and 6 HP model CA #21,355. These engines bring the total now on my Sparta Economy engine list to 339. That is nearly 1% of the some 36,000 that were built.

In the spring of 1910 the Sparta Economy model CA engine made its appearance at around serial number 10,600. The model CA was commingled with continuing model C production up until the 13,000 serial number range. The model CA is the most numerous model of the Spartas. Nearly 20,000 of them were built, with the 2 HP size comprising about half that total. In all but the 2 HP size, the model CA began disappearing around the #25,000 mark in the latter part of 1912.

The model CA is very similar to the previous model C except that it does not have a speed control, the trip finger and holder has been redesigned, and the Lukenheimer fuel mixer becomes the standard. The typical model CA has a dry head, two bolt flywheels, a square side rod with a threaded area at the igniter trip holder for timing adjustment, no side rod latch, and the tag located on the side of the hopper. A typical model CA is shown below.

In the 14,000 to 15,000 serial number range, a new l HP model CA is introduced. The two currently known are numbers 14,330 and 14,671. Apparently production of these small size engines ceased almost as quickly as they were introduced. As mentioned in the previous article, in their description in the catalog Sears discouraged the purchase of an engine that might be too small for the intended job.

There is a special gas engine catalog that in 32 pages describes and illustrates the entire Economy line of the time in 1912. There is also a model CA instruction and parts book. In addition, Sears general catalogs have illustrations, specifications and prices for all the engines and equipment offered. Shown above is the wood sawing outfit offered in 1912.

10/29/2019 8:49:31 PM

where is this SEARS ROEBUCK catalog on ECONOMY hit n miss motors located from , I want to maybe purchase a copy

Gordon Downie
9/21/2010 2:45:04 PM

Regarding Sparta Economy Engine News, I have a 1hp Spartan Economy Model CX Serial No. 22951, and wondered if there are any more of these engines in the United Kingdom. Gordon Downie, Scotland


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