| July/August 1983

3225 Nazareth Road Easton, Pa. 18042

Circa 1910. Southeast end of Messinger Manufacturing Company. Left to right: woodshop and office wing, blacksmith shop, railroad station on right edge.

The foundation of the Messinger Manufacturing Co. was started by S.S. Messinger in 1857, through the influence of David Whittner, a comparative stranger. After an explanation of the operation of a foundry, S.S. Messinger decided to start on a small scale and to employ Mr. Whittner to do the moulding. The start was made in the spring of 1857 by improving a dam and building a raceway to the foundry, which consisted of a wheel-wright shop 18'x 24'. The latter had to be moved a short distance so as to be rightly located for the water power.

The foundry was completed and the first castings made in August, 1857. These castings principally consisted of plough shares and cast iron boxes for iron wagon axles. Later the manufacture of ploughs, threshing machines and sweep horse-powers was started.

This enterprise was conducted under the name 'S.S. Messinger' until 1859, at which time he took in Werkheimer and Allsfeld'. This continued for only a few months. In 1861 the famous Excelsior Mowing and Reaping Machines were built, the dropping attachment being added later.

The property was leased to Henry Brunner, who continued to manufacture machinery for a period of 18 months, after which S.S. Messinger resumed operations in the spring of 1864.

Chuck Clerke
5/18/2012 11:21:46 PM

Article re Messinger Mfg. is most interesting. My maternal roots are Messinger, from Tatamy. If the author is still around, I'd like to know if one of his ancestors might be Emeline (Emma) Serfass. We would also have a connection. Regards. Charles Cleerke.