The Lubricating System Part V

| September/October 1970

  • Titan and International 15-30 H.P. tractor

  • Engines
    Courtesy of Lewis H. Cline, 603 Fremont St., Middleville, Michigan 49333
    Lewis H. Cline

  • Titan and International 15-30 H.P. tractor
  • Engines

Through the and with the kind permission of International Harvester Company, 401 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60611, we are printing a series of interesting information from the book Internal Combustion Engines and Tractors.

Anyone having tractors will find these articles very valuable and those who do not have tractors will find them interesting. This is the fifth and last contribution in this series. This one is on the International 15-30-a medium weight tractor that operates on kerosene.


The engine is of the four-cylinder type, set horizontally, so that power is delivered direct to transmission through spur gears without bevel gears. Completely enclosed. Dust-tight crankcase with removable cover.


One mixer with four fuel needle valves and a single water needle valve is used, which reduces adjustments to the minimum. This mixer will handle any of the cheap fuels, such as kerosene, distillate down to 39 degrees Baume, gas oil, solar oil, motor spirits, gasoline or naphtha.


A fly-ball throttling type governor controls amount of fuel entering cylinders in proportion to the load.


The ignition is jump spark, current being furnished by high-grade gear driven magneto -- no battery required.