The Lubricating System

| January/February 1970

(Through the courtesy of Lewis H. Cline, 603 Fremont St., Middleville, Michigan 49333 and with the kind permission of International Harvester Company, 401 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60611, we will be printing a series of interesting information from the book 'Internal Combustion Engines and Tractors.

Anyone having tractors will find them very valuable and those who do not have tractors, will find the data interesting. This first one may be of help to anyone who has a tractor that uses this type of lubricating system, as it contains information on the proper adjustment of these mechanical lubricators.)


The force-feed lubricator is used in preference to crank case systems of lubrication in International Harvester tractors. Its purpose is to supply fresh 'live' oil always to cylinders and bearings. Good, fresh oil has proved itself to be from two to three times as durable as the 'dead' oil that is used in the crank case of some types of engines.

The advantages to the tractor in having fresh oil are much longer life, freedom from repairs, and continuous rated power.

A tractor which has the crank case system of lubrication uses oil over and over again. After a few hours' run, sediment and condensed fuel collect in the crank case, mixing with the lubricating oil. The result is invariable that tremendous wear and loss of power occur from the action of this mixture of grinding sediment and 'dead' oil.

The longer life of International Harvester tractors is partly due to the force-feed lubricator. Fresh oil is furnished to all bearing surfaces in just the proper quantities to maintain a perfect oil film.