Smoke Rings

| September/October 1977

Hi! Is that a school bell I hear in the background?? And a school bus laboring up the hill? It's about that time again, isn't it? And just where did the summer go? The days go fleeting by, don't they? But you know, doesn't matter if they go fast or slow, if you're walking in God's will, each day is beautiful.

Shows continuing on into this month and next, and have you noticed how the interest is growing? We are hearing of more clubs and organizations all the time - it's a good hobby for the shows involve families and in my way of thinking, that in itself is terrific-and though I may never meet many of you folks that write - seems like we are so close in relationship, and many of you share your words of faith with me and I praise the Lord for this for I try to do all my work 'as unto the Lord', and receive many Blessings, such as your letters.

Well, I must get on with the communications from you wonderful people; and keep the articles and letters rolling in - also please don't forget to get your show dates to me as soon as possible for next year's Directory-I'll sure appreciate it!

MERL BARNES, 7013 Northview, Boise, Idaho 83704 writes: 'On page 20 of Mar-Apr. GEM, C. J. Neilson of Minot, North Dakota asks about a two cycle Detroit engine. I had a Detroit Marine two cycle vertical. It used a vibrator coil and battery ignition, a ball type Kingston carburetor and a timer that went either way past center. It had a brass water pump operated from an eccentric on the crankshaft. I had this engine running, but it had so much vibration that I could not use for show or any other purpose, so I sold it to a man who wanted an engine for decoration for his shop. It did run either way. One time when I started it, it rant he opposite way.' (Sounds interesting - like the engine had a mind of its own).

GEORGE F. KEMPHER, 110 Seventh Street, Emporium, Pennsylvania 15834 writes: 'In reply to Mr. Jack Newhouse's request for a wiring diagram for a Model T spark coil in the July-August GEM, I am enclosing one.

The battery polarity is not important on any type spark coil, neg. or pos. can be connected to either terminal unless a battery is being charged in the circuits.