| December/January 1998

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Setting the cam gear on the YT-1 marine engine can be a most difficult problem when tackled for the first time. The gear being spiral means one has to take into account the initial mesh versus the final mesh rotation of the cam. Hopefully the following approach should avoid too many frustrating attempts to correctly time the valves.

1. The rotation of the YT-1 is counter clockwise facing the flywheel. Too many people have tried to start the YT-1 or other old time marine engines by cranking them clockwise. The common experience is the engine keeps backfiring and wants to run the other way, NUFF SAID!!!

2. The water pump eccentric if lightly pressed on the shaft makes a convenient hand-hold to rotate the cam.

3. Note the key ways on the shaft all line up.

4. Slide the water pump end bushing onto the shaft and then insert the keys in the shaft for holding the cam gear.