Scale Model Farm Equipment

Meet a former Michigan farmer who has been whittling scale models of farm equipment since he was a boy.

| January/February 1968

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    Lloyd Burns works on a miniature John Deere Model "D" and a 3-bottom plow as his son watches. He operated theoriginal of these as a boy on his dad's farm east of CentralLake.

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Roslyn Lisk, Business Manager of The Torch newspaper, has given us permission to use the following article and picture. 

In this busy day and age when a working man and father of two sons and two daughters finds time to pursue a hobby such as whittling scale model farm implements, we believe it is of interest to the young and old.

So it is with Lloyd Burns, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Burns, husband of Ella Fisher Burns, and father of Sharon, Allan, Penny, and Donald.

Back in 1920 when Lloyd was born the first of three sons, his parents were farmers out east of Central Lake, MI, and so his love of the land and the farm machinery used in tilling the land was a natural one. In 1930 at the age of 10, his only means of acquiring machinery "just like Dad's" was to make some for himself, thus his "Whittlin' Career" started.

His first models were very crude, but none-the-less dear to the heart of a ten year old! As the years went by his patience and interest grew and his skills improved, but he was becoming dissatisfied with his finished products. The need to be more exacting plagued him, until he decided that making his small creations to scale would be of value to their authenticity.

Thus in 1946 at the age of 26 years, Lloyd started making his first set of blueprints. From then on although his miniature farm equipment pieces were complete in detail and true in size, they do not actually operate.