San Joaquin Valley Water Pumps

| June/July 1995

3801 Purdue Drive Bakersfield, California 93306

Having lived in the San Joaquin Valley of California most of my 82 years, I have seen so many changes. Most of all, I've witnessed the water shortage in the Valley, which has been brought on by all the dams in the mountains to stop rivers from draining into the Valley floor.

In the early 1900s farmers used engines and centrifugal pumps to irrigate farmland; they covered this machinery with a roof. We called them pump houses.

Thus my idea to put a pump house on a trailer with a fifteen horse Fairbanks-Morse Model Z engine on it, running a centrifugal pump. Pictures #1 and #2 show this pump setup. Picture #3 shows my pump house and a 1 HP Jaeger, two 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse and two Stover engines running at the large Tulare Farm Show. Picture #4 shows the discharge pipe running full stream. Picture #5 shows the engine as it is today, mounted permanently at the Vista Museum at Vista, California. This display traveled many miles in California at engine shows and was always a great pleasure to show.