Readers' Engine Questions

| September/October 2002

Battery Engine

37/9/1 A: Battery Engine.

A Brief Word

C. H. Wendel is recuperating well, and he sent in a brief note for this issue to keep readers informed as to his doings. Thanks again to everyone for their help answering reader's questions while Charles continues his recovery:

Sunday, July 14 we leave on the tour. We return July 29. I am thinking of trying to resume at least some of the column beginning with the November issue. I had to learn typing with my right hand only, so that slows me down a lot. At the very least, I should be able to write some commentary and give a report on the HMT and other things from the tour, along with some photos.

I can get around fairly well with a cane now, and the left hand is starting to wake up. The therapy is helping me immensely, and I do tots of walking and exercising. While being home-bound, I am working on a revised second edition of my Encyclopedia of American Farm Implements. It will be somewhat larger than the first edition. I type for a while, then go outdoors for a walk. It is tough being housebound so I get out and tinker several times a day. My son and I started the Lister diesel a few days ago. Diesel fumes smell pretty good compared to the medicine smell from a month-long hospital stay!

37/9/1: Battery Engine by the name of 'The Battery Company' built in Milwaukee, Wis. It is s/n 234, rated at 2 HP at 600 rpm and 1-1/2 HP at 400 rpm. It is a two-stroke and can run either direction. I was wondering if you had any information on this engine. Chris Jowett, 157 Mckendree Road, Odessa, MO 64076-6389, or e-mail:

A: We have no information on the company, but if anyone knows more please contact Chris and GEM to fill us in on this interesting engine.

37/9/2: Side Exhaust Maytag I have a question for you that no one can seem to answer. I bought a Maytag motor Model 92 with a side exhaust elbow, which is fairly rare. After I got it home I put a straight elbow on it just to see if it would bolt up to it. It did. Now I am wondering if someone took the straight elbow off and put a side exhaust elbow on it to make it look like a rare side exhaust motor.