A Brief Word

| September/October 1995

Unidentified Engine


John Miller

30/9/26 Husker-Shredder Q. The Long Island Antique Power Association has had the good fortune to acquire a McCormick Husker Shredder as shown in the photo, and as illustrated on page 192 of the book, 150 Years of International Harvester. The machine is complete and can be made operational with a minimum of work. We would like to know the year built, the model, and the size of engine required to drive it. Any operating instructions would also be helpful. Any help would be appreciated. David Gardiner, Long Island Antique Power Association, PO Box 1134, Riverhead, NY 11901.

A Most of these machines pulled fairly easy; an 8-16 or a 10-20 tractor should be quite capable. Husker-shredders can be dangerous to feed, so caution should be exercised.

30/9/27 Lauson Engine Q. See the photos of my 3 HP Lauson air-cooled engine built by the Lauson Corporation, New Holstein, Wisconsin. The engine is a 3 HP, Model VAS800, 1800 rpm. 1 would like to correspond with anyone with information on these engines, especially the year built. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Bob Broome, 25 Washington St., Mendon, MA 01756.

Readers Write

30/4/62 Making New Valves As an answer to inquiry 30/4/62, I would suggest an ordinary masonry or concrete drill and grind it like a steel drill. This will drill a hole in any hard material like high speed steel. Insert it in a drillpress and with 2-3000 rpm and a very firm press you will be through in seconds. See the photo (30/9/29) of a file which I perforated with an ordinary masonry drill ground like I said above. I hope this will be of help. P-G Fagerberg, . Vemmenhog 1945, S-274 54 Skivarp, Sweden.

30/4/19D Unidentified I believe that the object on the hoist in this photo is the frame of a moulder which is a machine to surface or profile wood on four sides. Kirk Achtell, RR3, Inlet Rd., Buckingham, Quebec J8L 2W8 Canada.

30/2/4 Spark Coils Edison coil short fat coilI have never seen this in any of my stack of books. You should take a look at the Edison dynamos in some of the books, called 'Daddy Long Legs' with skinny field coils.