A Brief Word

| September/October 1995

Fuller & Johnson engine


T. J. Shipman

30/9/7 Fuller & Johnson Q See 7A and 7B of a Fuller & Johnson 4 HP engine, s/n 410238. I need more information on this engine. Also, in photo 7C, see the huge Stromberg carburetor I inquired about in a recent issue. I'd like to know what sort of engine used this carb. T. J. Shipman, RR 2, Box371-12, Buckhannon, WV 26201.

A For further information on the F &. J, we'd suggest that you contact Verne  W. Kindschi, S9008B, Hwy 12, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578. We've never heard from anyone having information on the Stromberg. Can anyone be of help?

30/9/8 Witte Info Needed Q. I'd like to know the age, horsepower, and original color of my Witte engine, s/n 50448. It was connected to a drag saw, which I removed for safety reasons when on display. Also see the reproduced check to Witte Engine Works. Could this have been the payment for my engine? Also, I have a Taylor Vacuum engine, 2 HP, Type C with sin 13032. I'd like to know the age and the original color scheme for it. Any help will be appreciated. James E. Hall, PO Box 57, Philadelphia, NY 13673.

A Your engine left the production line in September 1920, so the bank check you've sent might well have been the payment for this outfit. Log saws were not given a horsepower rating, although they ran from 2 to 3 HP, perhaps higher if speeded up a bit.

30/9/9 Old Mill  See the photo of an old mill which I picked up. It has a patent date of May 27, '55 and was made by Superior Drill Company, Springfield, Ohio. Can anyone supply information on this company? Garry D. Rosenfeldt, 27099 Emery Rd., Cleveland, OH 44128.

A Superior operated from 1867 to 1903 when it was part of a merger that formed American Seeding Machine Co. We have no specific information on your mill.