| September/October 1993

28/9/20 Superior Engine

Q. Can anyone direct me to a manual reprint or other information for the Superior 3 HP air cooled vertical pictured? Year built? Mine has a plate identifying it as having been built for The Chicago House Wrecking Co. and a Superior serial number 1445. Wallace Jensen, 120 South Parkdale, Wichita, KS 67209.

A. Superior collector scan you help this man? Also, it wouldn't hurt to do some research on the firm the engine was made for, since they may have been in business only a limited number of years again, historical societies and reference librarians can sometimes be an enormous help.

28/9/21 Witte Questions

Q. I have a Witte engine that I think is a 2 HP and the serial number on the end of the crankshaft is 82422. Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated. How do you pronounce Witte? Is it pronounced just plain Wit or Witte just the way it looks?

A. Again, I shall pass your serial number on to Mr. Wendel for date of manufacture. A picture can often provides clues that can help in dating an engine when the serial number sequence is unknown. As for the pronunciation, we hear both 'Wit' and 'Wittee,' and Mr. Wendel advises us that both are correct. However, 'Wittee' is more frequently heard.