| September/October 1993

C. H. Wendel, our Reflector, was guiding the trip to England for GEM subscribers this month, so I am stepping in to write this column. While I have a great deal of enthusiasm for gas engines and their collectors, I have virtually no technical knowledge on the subject, so please bear with me as I present the questions this month, rather than trying to answer them!

I spoke with Mr. Wendel just before this column went to press, and he reports that a jolly time was had by all on the trip to England. I'm sure we'll be hearing about the trip in future columns, and that we'll see photos of the many interesting collections the group visited. And now to the letters:

28/9/1 Sandwich Corn Sheller

Q. I recently acquired a disassembled single ear hand cranked corn Sheller. I was told that all of the pieces were in the box. h has a typical wooden frame, metal Sheller, hand crank and a flywheel. Letters on one bottom side panel say it was manufactured by Sandwich Mfg. Co., Sandwich, IL. The word 'NEW' was legible on one top side panel. I would appreciate information about how to reassemble this sheller, original paint color and lettering. Duane Walker, 1441 NW 39th, Topeka, KS 66618-1125.

28/9/2 Hicks Engine

During my tour of the San Francisco Waterfront, I took these pictures of a marine engine manufactured by Hicks Engine Co., of San Francisco. The engine is listed in the index of American Gas Engines, but not pictured. Donald R. Green, PO Box 618, Allyn, WA 98524-0618.