A Brief Word

| September/October 1992

Tubular handles


Rich Howard

27/9/22 McCormick-Deering Q. What is the year built of a McCormick-Deering engine,1? HP, s/n AW 104325? It is painted black and looks original. Is this the correct color? Also what is the year and paint color for a Co-op tractor 47 3C 1772, plus year and paint number for B. F. Avery Model V, s/n 3V-349? Gerry Canright, E1622 No. Crescent, Spokane, Washington 99207.

A. The McCormick-Deering was built in 1931. We believe the Avery was made in 1948. It uses a combination of Cletrac Orange and Tartar Red Light (Sherwin-Williams). We have no information on the Co-op tractor.

27/9/23 Fuller & Johnson Q. See the photo of a Fuller & Johnson engine, 3 HP, Model NB. However, the governor weight is like for the Model N. Is it perhaps an older Model NB engine? The serial no. is 96809. Also, the Burnoil engine in New Zealand is a Thermoil Model T. Wayne Rogers, Rt 11, Box 433, Tyler, Texas 75709.

A. If you haven't yet, you may wish to contact: Verne W. Kindschi, S9008B Hwy 12, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin 53578. The Kindschi have just completed an extensive history of F & J, and they also have the production records for these engines.

27/9/24 Chicago Flexible Shaft Dennis E. Spark, P.O. Box 19, Goomalling 6460 West Australia sends along some interesting history of the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company, with excerpts as follows:

Organized at Chicago in 1896 by J. Stewart and Thomas Clark to make horse clipping machinery which they had developed.