A Brief Word

| September/October 1992

27/9/9 Questions and Answers Q. R. A. C. Johnson, 37 Cedar Avenue, Naracoorte, South Australia 5217 sends along an interesting letter. First, he refers to 27/1/4B, and notes that this 'rolling machine' was common in the home laundries throughout Australia up to about 1960. It is called a mangle. Regarding the sickle grinder of 26/8/1, Mr. Johnson sends along a photo of his unit, and it is shown as 27/9/9A. Then 26/7/48C illustrates an, unidentified engine. Mr. Johnson sends along a photo of a similar engine about 1912 vintage.

A. Mr. Johnson's query concerns photo 27/9/9C of an unidentified drilling machine. This one we can identify. These machines were used in drilling the holes for mortised and pegged construction as used in old barns and the like. They appear fairly often in the U. S., but like most other antique tools, they usually are fairly expensive on the auction block.

27/9/10 Marseille Corn Sheller Q. I have a Marseille 'Favorite' hand corn sheller with a cob carrier, made sometime around 1900. Most of the wood was rotten, so I restored it to original condition. Can anyone supply a photo of this sheller illustrating the proper color scheme, the lettering, and the striping? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Charles Durham, 2930 Butternut Rd. SE, Brainerd, Minnesota 56401.

A. We've seen these shellers at some of the shows, and perhaps you might come across one this year. However, it's also possible that another Marseille owner might furnish a photo or two.

27/9/11 La Cie des Moulins Q. See the two photos of an engine for which I seek information. The nameplate reads: Manufacture Pour La Cie Des Moulins et Pompes Omega Ltee, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Can anyone advise the horsepower, year built, and any other information on this motor? It has 3? * 5 inch bore and stroke. Grant R. Sander, The Old Firehall, 12 Albert Street West, Thorold, Ontario L2V 2E9 Canada.

A. Can anyone be of help?