| September/October 1991

26/9/15 Moto-Mower Q. Here's a photo of a Moto-Mower I got this spring. I have it running, but restoration is still ahead. It is a Detroit Model, 27-inch machine, s/n 12548, made in Detroit, Michigan. Is anyone able to supply the build date on this engine, or the Briggs engine on it? The engine is a Model PB, s/n 27005. Also, my thanks to everyone who helped on an earlier inquiry on a tractor which appeared in the February 1991 GEM. Clif Williams, RR5, Box 244, Rye, CO 81069.

26/9/16 Sterling Marine Q. See the photo of an early Sterling Marine Engine, 40 HP, 5x7 inch bore and stroke. It is missing some parts, so I would like to hear from anyone who might have a complete engine or another parts engine. Edgar E. Wagner, 1918 Hillison Rd., Amboy, IL 61310.

26/9/17 Eclipse Hot Tube Q. I have an Eclipse hot tube engine built by Myrick Machine Co., Olean, NY, s/n 509, 450 rpm, 4 HP. I need to know the original colors of the engine, and would also like to know when this engine was built. Any help will be appreciated. Robert Bishop, RR 1, Box 164, Crothersville, IN 47229.

A. Except for telling you what you already know, that being that this is a very early engine, we can tell you little more. Anybody out there willing to try?

26/9/18 Finishing EnginesFrank Taylor, RR 2, Tamarack Rd., Whitewater, WI 53190 has sent us. a step-by-step procedure for sanding and finishing your engines. It is very informative, and may be helpful to you. While we're always reluctant to put someone in the position of having to do a lot of extra work, perhaps if you'll write Frank, enclosing a self-addressed and stamped envelope, plus something for the photocopier kitty, he'll send you a copy.

26/9/19 Information Needed Q. Can anyone tell me the years for the following engines: