A Brief Word

| October/November 2000

As often happens this time of year, the queries are less frequent. If you folks are like this writer, the nice summer weather isn't conducive to sitting down to write a letter. In the next month or so, we look for conditions to change.

By the time you see this copy, the Golden Anniversary Reunion of Midwest Old Threshers will have come and gone. This writer has been in constant attendance every year since 1960, and has missed only two of their Reunions since 1954. For those attending, and who stopped by our exhibit, our thanks. We always look forward to seeing our friends.

Our tour to Australia/New Zealand next February is well in hand; at this writing we have 38 people going with us.

Our friends from Germany, Klaus and Petra Hottges, have completed their cross-country tour. They started out from Boston with their 55 horsepower Lanz Bulldog tractor, landing here at Amana, Iowa, in late July. From here they went to the John Deere Expo at Waterloo, Iowa. Transmission problems occurred at Prague, Nebraska. After some major repair work, the transmission again gave problems, so the tour ended at Aspen, Colorado. Klaus and Petra are back at home near Dusseldorf, Germany, with the tractor in a container and also headed back home. In a personal letter, they expressed their thanks to all whom they met along the route, and they hope that their tour will help establish a bond between the American and the German tractor clubs.

For those familiar with the tractor scene in Europe, and especially in Germany, tractor and engine clubs are extremely popular. The Lanz Bulldog is far and away the most common, and the most popular tractor. John Deere bought this company out in the late 1950s. . . this is now the John Deere Mannheim Works. Perhaps ye olde Reflector will work up some sort of a tour to Germany once again. We have lots of friends there, and thanks to Robert Geyer, there are several excellent guide books to German clubs, museums, and collections. (As ye olde Reflector approaches retirement, the day might come when we quit doing tours.)

Our first query is: