A Brief Word

| October/November 1994

Maytag Lubricating Oils

As we've noted in previous issues, a search of the Patent Office Gazette has revealed numerous gas engine trademark designs. In some instances, it's nice to find a reasonable facsimile of the trademark. Sometimes though, the last line of the published mark is the most significant . . . the line that says, 'Claims use since XXXX.' One such mark is shown in Figure 1, of the Maytag Lubricating Oils. Although it was used since 1915, the application to register the mark was not made until 1947.

Figure 2 is the mark for the Kardell Utility tractor, with first use claimed in 1918. Figure 3, for the Webster magneto, shows first use in 1909, and Figure 4 shows the Jack of All Trades mark first used in 1899. Figure 5 is a new one for us, it being the Globe engine of Pennsylvania Iron Works Company, and Figure 6 is the mark for the Aerothrust Engine Company.

In Figure 7 we have the Clip-Mor power mowers from Frank Held Tractor Co., showing first use in 1923. Figure 8 shows the Dorcas Sewing Machine and the Blue Ribbon engine, both from Spotless Company, Inc. Figure 9 is the famous Stover trademark, and Figure 10 is the famous Sattley engine trademark. The Maniscalco New Power System Co. filed for their mark in Figure 11, and the Novo ROLLR engine mark of Figure 12 claims first use on May 1, 1927.

We have hundreds of additional engine trademarks, and they will be published either within a separate book title, or within this column. However, by being able to demonstrate the first use of a certain trademark, it enables collectors to establish the probable earliest date when a certain engine or tractor was built. With a great many companies, even this meager information is a step forward from what now exists, which is virtually nothing!

Ye Olde Reflector is also happy to announce that within the next few months, serious work will begin on an entirely new history of farm tractors. This new title will be without a doubt the largest and most comprehensive history of tractors ever assembled. It will include farm tractors from their beginnings up to recent times, steam traction engines, and garden tractors. Those who have material to loan for this project, or those with suggestions regarding this new title, are urged to contact the Reflector, C. H. Wendel, P.O. Box 257, Amana, Iowa 52203.

Preliminary work is under way regarding a possible GAS ENGINE MAGAZINE TOUR to Germany and other countries sometime in 1995. We'll keep you apprised of details as they come together.