A Brief Word

| October/November 1993

After a month's hiatus, ye olde Reflector is back to bring you a firsthand report of the summer journey to England.

Our group of 75 came into Heathrow Airport, London and journeyed from there to Winchester, where we stayed for three nights. Many of you are acquainted with Alex Skinner; the latter was our resident engine expert during the tour. He was with our group from beginning to end, and provided a lot of delightful insight and background information to anyone who asked.

It would be easy to run on in pages and pages about the tour. However, a few specific items stand out for this writer. One was the visit to the Tatton Park Engine Rally. We attended the Rally on June 26, and this was the only rain we experienced during two weeks in England. (Doesn't it always rain at engine shows?!) However, the drizzle of rain ended about noon, and even while it was rainy in the forenoon, it didn't dampen the spirits of the exhibitors.

Of particular interest was the 10 HP Stickney engine owned by the T. Juffer family; their address is Bovenstraatweg 11, 8096 PC, Oldebroek, Holland. The Juffers purchased this engine from Lyle Dumont at Sigourney, Iowa. It is restored beautifully, and ran faultlessly all day long. The Juffer family has only been collecting engines for about 7 years, but they have amassed a number of very fine American as well as European engines.

Another comment about the Tatton Park Rally is that our British hosts literally rolled out the red carpet for our group, and even had a special hospitality tent. Each of our visitors was given a beautiful cast brass plaque commemorating our visit.

The previous Wednesday, June 23, we went to Andover to see John Upton's fine collection of engines. The Upton family fed our entire group! John and his family have a huge collection of engines, and several other engine and tractor collectors in the area enhanced things even more. A special thanks also to John Turner and his wife Sally, who assisted the Upton family in this special showing.