A Brief Word

| October/November 1991

26/10/8 Unidentified Engine Q. I have acquired a single cylinder engine with no identification except for 'J Comer Jones Power and Water.' The only other clue is the hopper casting number of J 101. Any help will be appreciated. Robin Lewis, 1820 No. County Rd 23, Bellvue, CO 80512.

A. A couple of photographs would be most helpful, and if this is a vendor engine that was built by another company, it would be imperative. Send us a couple of photos when you can, and we'll see what we can do.

26/10/9 Brown & Cochran Thanks to Rich Howard, Hysham, MT 59038 for sending along the before and after photos of his Brown &. Cochran engine.

26/10/10 Sandow Engine Q. Can anyone supply the proper color for the Sandow engines? Al Hain, 352 South Dr., Rochester, NY 14612.

A. It is a deep blue, similar to Sherwin Willliams No. 1374.

26/10/11 Empire Cream Separator Q. Can anyone provide the correct color for the Empire engine from Empire Cream Separator Co., Bloomfield, New Jersey?  Stan Davis ,Rt.8,Box 112, Live Oak, FL 32060.