A Brief Word

| October/November 1991

As always happens this time of year, the volume of mail decreases, due largely to the many shows and other activities of summer. Also, ye old Reflector finds himself squeezed into a corner to meet the coming deadlines. As we put this October issue to bed, we also will have the November column to compile in late August, since we will be attending some shows when it will come due. Thus, we have attempted to shuffle the material in such a way that neither column will be slighted too much; however, if your query doesn't appear in this issue, it will come in the following issue. We're sorry for this, but there is no other way to meet the publishing schedules, that is, unless we are to be in the office at the right time, and as the saying goes, 'That ain't likely.'

We extend our thanks to all those who sent material regarding our query on a Kohler Light Plant. We also got two or three phone calls in this regard. To those kind enough to call, our apologies...we wrote down the phone numbers from the answering machine, but then I lost my little 'important book' and in it were the phone numbers. By then of course, the answering machine had eaten the messages. Call again, or drop me a line, and again my apologies.

As many of you might know, we are already working on a comprehensive history of Oliver, Hart-Parr, Cletrac, and related companies. Our thanks to all who have sent materials, information, or other kinds of help. From the response we are getting, there appears to be a tremendous interest in these companies. With the material we now have on film, plus a number of things yet to do, we should be able to compile an interesting history of these firms. So, thanks again!

We have some interesting items this time, and we'll begin with:

26/10/1 Ford Conversion

The July GEM called for information on tandem tractors. See the photo of a tandem I built in 1962 with two 900 Ford tractors. A beam runs down from drawbar to drawbar. The clutch and throttle controls are in front of the radiator. I fastened a mirror by the gauges to watch them from the front tractor. I drove by two vacuum gauges to synchronize the engines.