| October/November 1989

About twenty-five years ago, shortly before GEM made its initial appearance (1966), the Reflector and several other collectors were visiting about the need for and the possibility of a magazine devoted exclusively to gas engines and tractors. This impromptu symposium was of the general opinion that the idea probably would never get off the ground, ostensibly because there simply wouldn't be enough material to keep going for more than a few years- after that, it would just be repetition of past writings! A lot has changed since then, and GEM is about to enter its twenty-fifth year of publication with no end of material in sight. In fact, it seems that for every question that's answered, half a dozen new ones pop up. We haven't talked with the GEM editors about this, but we presume they will be planning some special things for their twenty-fifth anniversary. Hopefully, this will be the biggest year ever for GEM!

Incidentally, when looking back at those times of a quarter century back, this writer well remembers buying a very nice Galloway 9 HP engine at an auction for $32, then worrying all the way home about having given too much-it didn't seem possible to add the cost of painting and restoring to the auction price, and ever expect to come out on the deal. Then too, the Reflector's first engine back in 1960 was a 6 HP John Deere, complete with clutch pulley and factory trucks for a whopping five dollar bill! Times sure have changed!

Quite a number of readers have responded to our plea for materials on J. I. Case Company, along with numerous offers to loan us a copy of the book, Machines of Plenty. We wish to advise that we now have our own copy of this title, and we certainly thank everyone who volunteered the use of their book.

The research phase of our projected J. I. Case book is moving along quite well, but of course, additional materials are quite welcome, especially original photos of the steam engines. The company has little of this material left. Normal attrition, several cleanouts ove the years, and other factors have left the Case Archives with little of the original material, so we understand.

We begin this month with some queries from:

24/10/1 Yuba and other things Q. In photo 1-A an engine is shown in the background. What make is it? It is located in Mexico, but the engine is mine. The Mexicans say that it is Chinese or Japanese, or maybe even German. Any ideas?