| October/November 1985

  • Gibson tractor
    Robert I. Naidis
  • Empire engine
  • John Stringham's Hercules engine
    John Stringham's Hercules engine
    John K. Stringham

  • Gibson tractor
  • Empire engine
  • John Stringham's Hercules engine

20/8/17 Q. My dream is to run my restored Chase Turbine Co. Shingle mill (ca. 1910) with a small steam engine. Meanwhile, can anyone supply information on a Buda 4-cylinder engine, Model HP217-11507A, s/n 285687. Does anyone publish a newsletter for shingle mill enthusiasts? Rexford van Norman Baker, 316 Oxford St., Auburn, MA 01501.

A. We haven't heard of a newsletter dealing with vintage sawmill equipment or with shingle mills specifically. Regarding the Buda engine, write: Customer Service Dept., Allis-Chalmers Corp., Box 1563, Harvey, IL 60426.

20/8/18 Q. We have restored the Gibson tractor shown in an adjacent photograph. It uses a Wisconsin Model AEHS-BA (3x3) engine. It is either original or similar to the original. We would like to add an electric starter, but suspect we need a new flywheel. Also we need more information on this tractor as might be found in operator's or parts manuals. Robert I. Naidis, 60677 Riverbend Dr., Bend, OR 97702.

A. First, we question whether a new flywheel is required. Some years ago, an electric starter kit was available for these engines, but we do not recall that any major modifications were required. Perhaps a Gibson afficio-nado might be of help.

20/8/19 Q. We need information on a Whitney 9-18 tractor. It uses a Gile 2-cylinder opposed engine. We will pay for copying charges and postage. Rex Andrews, 1113-C Fleetwood, Sun Valley, CA 91352.

A. Perhaps someone has some information on a Whitney 9-18 to share with Mr. Andrews.