| October/November 1985

  • Associated HP engine
    H. W. Keathley
  • Unidentified Engine
    Stan Hockey

  • Associated HP engine
  • Unidentified Engine

Especially during the past year, the Reflector has been hearing of theft and/or vandalism to engines and tractors while being displayed at some of the various shows. Apparently most of this activity takes place at night, since thieves are usually too cowardly to do their work in open daylight. The gas engine and tractor hobby has been notably free of this activity in the past, so it is very unfortunate that thievery is now becoming a problem. The point is that in order to help prevent thievery, we as collectors need to take some preventive action.

First of all, we highly recommend that you note the serial numbers, color, and other unique characteristics of your engines in any small note-book. Should problems arise, at least you have this much to go on if you need to describe your engine.

Secondly, we recommend the use of a metal etcher or other marking device to affix your own special marking in an inconspicuous location. This will further serve to identify an engine should it be recovered.

Thirdly, it is becoming imperative that even the smaller shows use some sort of security people during the nighttime hours, as well as during the setup days prior to a show. The presence of the local constabulary seems to greatly retard these activities.

While we do not wish to activate an unnecessary alarm, we hope our readers will take heed and be alert to the fact that thievery can occur. By taking some precautions in advance, the problem might be minimized or avoided.

We also wish to address the problem of getting pictures returned to their rightful owners. Occasionally, either the Reflector or the Publisher fails to achieve this goal of getting pictures returned. This is not at all intentional the Reflector received this month, some over three pounds of individual letters and other materials for present or future use in the column. Keeping all this in some semblance of order is in itself a formidable task. We ask for your patience in returning these items, and further request that you write your name, address, and 'Please Return To:' on the back of the photographs. Questions for this month begin with:


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