Readers' Engine Questions

| November/December 2002

37/11/1: Cushman R-14 I have recently purchased a Cushman Model R-14, serial number 94181. I would like to know the date of manufacture and the correct color. Also, I would like to correspond with another R-14 owner, as I am missing a few parts, notably the mag and governor rod and some specifications. Thomas R. McLaughlin, 44 E. Channel St., Newark, OH 43055.

37/11/2: Winchell Clean-Cut I just got a Winchell Clean-Cut Special '18' mower. I think it was made by Winchell Manufacturing of Fort Scott, Kan. The engine is gone, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what make and model of horizontal engine it should have. I'd also like any information on the Winchell company. Randy Brooks, 581 Meridian Road, Greenfield, TN 38230.

37/11/3: Air-Cooled Nelson Bros. Q: I have a Nelson Bros, single-cylinder, enclosed flywheel, air-cooled engine. The brass tag reads as follows: 2-5 HP at 1,700 rpm (I assume this means 2-1/2 HP), serial number 2VCG 2975. I would like to know the date of manufacture and the original paint color. William Birkeland, 26010 S.W. Baker Road, Sherwood, OR 97140.

A: Your engine was likely built in the early to mid-1930s when Nelson launched a series of air-cooled engines ranging from 1/2 HP to at least 3 HP. The standard color for Nelson engines is Dupont 2015 green, listed in Wendel's Notebook. One photograph in the GEM archives shows a 3 HP air-cooled Nelson painted white and black, but it is unknown if this was original, to order or simply an owner's preference.

37/11/4: Stover 2 HP Q: I have a Stover 2 HP engine, and I would very much like to know what color it should be, when it was made and where it was originally shipped. The engine number is TA 214143. Don Newcomb, 532 Kirk Road, Rochester, NY 14612.

A: According to Wendell's Notebook, your Stover was built in 1931. Where it was originally shipped we do not know. Wendel lists DuPont GS188 or Ditzler 44616 as the correct shade of green for your Stover.