A Brief Word

| November/December 2000

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tent at the recent Old Threshers Reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. This was their fiftieth year, and it was indeed a fine show. The only problem was stifling heat. . .one day the thermometer got up to 101° and that is mighty hot under any circumstances! This writer was also very pleased to receive the Old Threshers Award, conferred upon a very few people each year.

We are also pleased to tell you that the Standard Catalog of American Farm Tractors (Krause Publications), is finally available. It took us nearly two years to complete this 500+ page book, and we hope that collectors will enjoy it.

Each year about this time we put out our usual caveat to check those engines and tractors to be sure they are drained; nobody wants to ruin their valued treasures because of freezing water, right? Well, this year we had not one, but two different people come up to our stand and tell us about their experiences. One fellow said that he read about this in our column, and decided maybe he had better go check his engines. Lo and behold, there were two that still had some water in them. Of course he was glad that he rechecked them! So again we say, check those engines and tractors-are you sure the jackets are dry? And if there is a water pump, be sure it too is drained. Water pumps are pretty hard to fix if they are split open.

Our first query is:

35/11/1 Sears-Roebuck Engine Q. I have a Sears Roebuck kick-start engine off my mother's washing machine. I have been unable to find any literature that would show me how to restore a missing centrifugal clutch on the motor shaft. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. E. L. Hastings, Box 164, Dunnigan, CA 95937-0164.

35/11/2 Kinkade Suburbanite Q. I am looking for information on a Kinkade Suburbanite garden tractor. The only numbers on it are on the transmission (N5630) and this is probably a casting number. Any help would be appreciated. Paul Vander Hulst, PO Box 847, Amado, AZ 85645.